Capital Area Veterinary Medical Association - Event Information

Event Name:Membership Meeting
Event Type(s):Member CE Meetings

Speaker: Dr. Christine Rutter from TAMU  VMTH Emergency Medicine
Topic: Common Toxicities in the Dog and Cat
Sponsor:  TAMU  VMTH

Event Date:11/12/2019
Event Time:7:30pm
Location:Dell Jewish Community Center, MPR upstairs in education bldg (Please note room change)
7300 Hart Lane
Austin, TX 78731

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Details:This MPR is located in the two-story building next to our usual JCC building.  You can park in the large parking area at the front of the JCC, walk past the flags and enter the one-story building, then follow the hallway to the right, continue past our usual room, and eventually exit through the glass doors into the breezeway that runs in front of the education building. 
Alternatively, you can drive around to the parking lot on the back side of the JCC which faces the front of the Austin Jewish Academy education building and enter through the main door at the corner of that building. 
The multi-purpose room (MPR) is at the top of the staircase located just inside the main door of the Austin Jewish Academy education building, an elevator is also available.

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