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Event Name:Webinar: A Pretreatment Program's Role in the 1Water Initiative
Event Type(s):Webinar
Description:Registration has Closed for this event.
Session 6 of 6 in the Pretreatment Webinar Series. 
Event Date:10/22/2020
Event Time:9:00 AM ET / 8:00 AM CT

Registration has Closed for this event.

Session 6 of 6 in the Pretreatment Webinar Series.
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Around the country, utilities seek solutions to improve water sustainability and resiliency amid increasing uncertainty. The complex challenges facing this and future generations including climate change, population variability, aging infrastructure, and mounting affordability issues will not be solved by applying the same methods that have gotten us where we are today. Utilities are beginning to look more closely at all water as one resource as they explore new options for their communities. Thinking about the future of water and everything associated with its sustainable management—long-term planning, conveyance, treatment, demand management, reuse, storage, and protection—requires that we get more creative. 1Water represents a new chapter, one rich with fresh dialogue about how we can look at water in new ways.

1Water means collaborating to develop integrated water management strategies and implement projects and programs that enhance the reliability and resilience of our water systems. But where do municipal Pretreatment Programs fit into this new outlook of 1Water? Pretreatment Programs play an enormous role in preventing industrial contaminates from causing interference and pass through at the Water Resource Recovery Facility ensuring the operational integrity of these facilities. But at its core, EPA developed the federal pretreatment regulations to ensure and improve opportunities to recycle and reclaim resources from wastewater and sludge treatment (40 CFR 403.2). In this presentation, you will learn about the role of a pretreatment program in 1Water. This includes ensuring local limits take into consideration water reuse opportunities, enhanced source control, and utilizing real-time and smart sensor technologies. 

Josh Balentine, Brown and Caldwell

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