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Event Name:Webinar - Two New Terrible Eviction & Tenant Screening Laws
Description:Join us for a detailed review of two terrible new eviction and tenant screening bills. The Fair Eviction Amendment Act of 2020 and The Eviction Record Sealing Act of 2020. Both of these bills make dramatic changes to DC's already difficult eviction law. 

The "Unfair" Eviction Amendment Act of 2020  was approved by the DC Council this month During The Eviction Moratorium as emergency legislation. The legislation makes it extremely more difficult to evict a tenant in the District of Columbia. 

The new law requires multiple 30-day notices, prohibits eviction proceedings for delinquencies less than $600, and requires a housing provider to have a current business license to evict a tenant.

The law also increases burdens on housing providers regarding tenant screening. Providers must inform applicants in writing the criteria used for screening and the reason for any denial. It also prohibits denial solely based on an applicant’s credit score.  

The law also allows tenants to seal eviction records, provides for a $1,000 penalty for each violation, and requests that D.C. Superior Court increase the filing fee for evictions from $15 to $100.

The Eviction Record Sealing Act of 2020 proposes to require:

Service upon the Rent Administrator before filing an eviction and 30 days notice to tenants before filing for eviction for any reason.

The legislation permits tenants to have eviction records sealed three years after an eviction. It allows anyone evicted from public housing or participating in the voucher program to have eviction records sealed within 30 days of a request. It requires sealing of any non-successful eviction - 

It amends the DC Human Rights Act to make violating this law actionable subjecting property managers and owners to liability.

The Council will hold a hearing on The Eviction Record Sealing Act of 2020 on Friday, October 30, 2020, at 12 pm. If you wish to testify please contact DHunter@Smoadc.org. 
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Event Date:10/29/2020
Event Time:3:00 pm
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