Artificial Intelligence

Among our current and prospective clients, there is great interest in artificial intelligence.  As with any new technology, there is much to learn and explore.  The topic is fairly broad, and there have been many ideas floating around.  We have worked on several features using OpenAI (ChatGPT) integration, and continue further experimentation.  If you have an OpenAI api key, we can enable these features for you.  This page will serve as a clearing house for various features at all stages of development.  Check back periodically, as development is ongoing.

If you have an idea or a special need relating to AI, please contact us.

Content Creation (Generative AI)

  • Image Creation - The ability to leverage Dall-E to create images for use in various parts of the system.  
    STATUS:  Available now in news manager

  • Text Creation - Given various parameters, using the ChatGPT completion engine (chat console) to ask for a text section to be composed.
    STATUS:  Under consideration

  • Grammar Evaluation / Correction - Evaluate text sections in various parts of the system for grammar (calendar, event registration, and website content).
In the example below, the image generator is used to create a promotional image for a volleyball tournament at a local middle school.

Data Entry / User Assistance

  • Load prospect data - Ability to use the ChatGPT completion engine (chat console) to load contact data into the member database as prospects.
    STATUS:  Available, beta version for experimenting

  • Create reports / queries - using the ChatGPT completion engine (chat console) to instruct the system to create a given report.
    STATUS:  Under consideration

  • Chatbot for Members and Prospects 
    STATUS:  Under consideration
Below is an excerpt from the AI Console, where you can request the AI assistant to complete various tasks to help you.  Ask us for a demonstration.

Analytical Tools

  • Improve member activation / retention - creating reports that can take various elements of member data and determine likelihood of renewal of various members.
    STATUS:  Under Consideration

Enhanced Search

  • File Archive Search - Add the ability to do an enhanced search through documents, using OpenAI's embeddings API.  Given a search request, this allows for finding relevant topics in file content.  This means that it's not just a keyword search, it can find documents with related info.  Example, a search for 'music' might return a document with the word 'saxophone' in it.
    STATUS:  Available now.

  • Audio-to-Text - For associations with a volume of audio and video files,  this would allow for mass-processing of these to produce transcript data, which would then be available for viewing and improved searching of video content. 
    STATUS:  Under Consideration

Screen shot from AI-enhanced file archive search.