Reel In Your Non-Member Event Attendees

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Reel In Your Non-Member Event Attendees

Event ManagementFinding new members can be a tedious task; however, converting non-members who have already attended one or more of your association events is a great place to start. They have obviously already found value in your organization by attending an event and hopefully gathered some helpful insights and resources. 


Now you just need to reel them in. Samantha Whitehorne, editor-in-chief of Associations Now, recommends how to achieve this in her How to Convert an Attendee to a Member article.

  • Host Association 101 sessions or networking events just for these non-member event attendees, so they can learn more about the benefits of your organization and give them a chance to mingle with your board members and staff.
  • Contact them after your event and extend a special discount on a new annual membership, a 30 day free trial membership, or perhaps just a discounted fee on an upcoming event.
  • Continue reaching out to non-members via email after your event to continue letting them know more about your organization and other upcoming events that might interest them.

It is much easier to convert a non-member who has attended one of your events than a non-member who doesn’t know about your organization and what you have to offer.