Broadcast Email Messages

Communicate with your Members and Prospects

You can easily communicate with your members, prospects, and subgroups easily.

  • Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Templates- emails sent out are HTML formatted; you can add formatting to make your messages very professional; you can add a custom header image and border to your messages to make them personalized to your organization, including setting up various templates to use for different types of communications you send out.
  • Opt-out - recipients can opt-out from your lists automatically, or they can send a manual message to an 'email manager'; this allows you to personally attend to removal requests, so members don't unintentionally opt-out when they just might want to reduce the number of messages they receive.
  • Personalized Salutation - you can include a salutation at the beginning of each email that is personalized to the members name (Ex: "Dear Jack,").
  • Member Submission Control - members can submit messages to be sent to the rest of the membership, but these are pended for admin approval.
  • Bounce Tracking - the system tracks rejected/bounced email addresses and includes a system that allows you to easily update/correct the invalid emails.
  • Scheduled Messages - if you know you want to send a reminder message in the future concerning an upcoming event, you can schedule it now for a later date.
  • Recipient List Builder - when sending a message, you have a variety of tools allowing you to select recipients - by member type, by committee, by join date, by custom fields, and more!


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