Industrial Programs Manager - Louisville, KY 

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Industrial Programs Manager - Louisville, KY 

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Industrial Programs Manager - Louisville, KY 

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Manages environmental-based programs for MSD, Louisville Metro and regional acquisitions. Develops, implements and maintains all elements of the Pretreatment Program, Dental Amalgam Program, Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) Program, Hazardous Materials Program, Industrial Stormwater Program, Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination (IDDE) Program, Unusual Discharge Request Program, Quality Charge Testing Program, Nine Minimum Control (NMC) #3 Program and other related programs. Manages the Louisville Metro Hazardous Materials Ordinance (HMO) for the protection of public health and safety in Louisville Metro. Functions as MSD’s leader in response to hazardous materials incidents in the Louisville metro area. Accountable to regulatory agencies for the proper implementation of federal, State and locally mandated programs and submitting annual, semi-annual and supplementary reports to agencies. Initiates and finalizes enforcement actions for violations of MSD’s Wastewater/Stormwater Discharge Regulations (WDRs) and HMO. Provides technical support and conducts investigations relative to industrial related odors and discharges into the Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW) system. Provides hazardous materials waste disposal assistance to other MSD departments/divisions and Metro Louisville agencies.

Develops, implements and maintains policies and procedures for a diverse number of programs for MSD and industrial, commercial and residential customers throughout Louisville Metro and acquired counties. Conducts short-term and strategic planning and manages resources for current and evolving program requirements. Manages federally mandated Pretreatment Program and enforcement actions. Implements and maintains the Enforcement Response Plan (ERP) for fair and consistent application and escalation of enforcement actions for environmental programs. Oversees management of POTW Local Limits evaluations for applicable Water Quality Treatment Centers. Updates the WDRs and HMO in support of regulatory programs. Reviews, approves and signs over 100 Pretreatment Permits and validates calculations for all permits. Compiles, evaluates and reports industrial sampling data. Manages the documentation, maintenance and tracking of industrial data to determine permitted facilities' compliance with applicable limits. Manages MSD's Quality Charge Testing Program and recommends policy improvements. Reviews and approves Unusual Discharge Requests for non-permitted discharges to sewer system. Ensures inspections for all applicable programs are completed per regulations and accepted standards. Coordinates activities to ensure sufficient documentation of program requirements. Coordinates pollution prevention activities for MSD customers. Manages activities with FOG Program Administrator to ensure over 4,000 food service establishments adhere to program policy, guidelines and equipment specifications. Ensures FOG Program is maintained in accordance with federally mandated requirements and overseas enforcement actions. Coordinates field investigations to validate and close responses to hazardous materials release incidents. Ensures IWD personnel are trained to respond 24/7 to hazardous materials incidents, customer service requests and special request investigations from MSD or outside agencies. Manages inspections of facilities with Hazardous Materials Use and Spill Prevention Control (HMPC) plans. Overseas IWD related activities with Municipal Separate Stormwater System (MS4) Permit Co-permittees. Manages Industrial Stormwater and IDDE Programs and ensures compliance with MSD’s MS4 Permit and federally mandated regulations. Reviews thermal imagery data, identifies Louisville Metro IDDE inspection locations, and ensures inspections are conducted, documented, reviewed and closed. Coordinates with Louisville Metro Mayor's Office to fill positions on the HMO Appeals and Overseers Board and facilitates periodic HMO Appeals and Overseers Board meetings. Manages and approves issuance of appropriate enforcement actions for violations and represents MSD in enforcement meetings. Oversees multi-agency response group meetings for review of hazardous materials incidents and customer service requests to develop corrective actions and assign appropriate enforcement actions. Serves as delegated MSD signatory authority for Pretreatment Reports. Compiles and submits information and data associated with various IWD program activities, MSD's Consent Decree and MS4 annual reports. Manages the activities of IWD staff including developing, approving and monitoring goals. Writes performance reviews and disciplinary actions. Develops and manages departmental budget and identifies and justifies program management funds. Provides leadership and guidance to staff. Performs various administrative duties and assists MSD leadership as required.

Education/Experience/Skills Required: 
Bachelor degree in Engineering, Environmental Science or a related field; seven or more years of related industrial waste experience; an equivalent combination of education and experience may be substituted. Must possess Technician Level Certification in Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER). Must possess a valid driver's license. Must have safe work and driving habits.

$83,699.20 - $132,828.80 Annually

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