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Regulatory Administrator

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Administers activities and supervises IWD staff regarding MSD's Pretreatment and Dental Amalgam (DAP) Programs to ensure MSD's compliance with mandated federal, state and local regulatory requirements.  Oversees the daily execution of IWD's Quality Charge Testing (QCT) Program and reports results to the Revenue Department.  Supervises personnel in the development and implementation of standard procedures, quality control, customer support and technical training for programs under direct control.  Oversees and develops activities related to the collection of regulatory data and reports from industrial users and ensures semi-annual, annual and other required regulatory reports are completed and submitted in a timely manner.  Reviews compliance data, identifies out-of-compliance conditions and recommends appropriate enforcement actions. 

Administers and leads the integration of the Pretreatment Program and DAP regulatory activities within MSD departments and all applicable industrial users in the Louisville Metro area.  Works directly with senior management across MSD departments/divisions as needed to ensure regulatory compliance.  Develops processes and procedures pertaining to Pretreatment Program elements including reviewing and finalizing permits, ensuring completion and quality of mandated inspections, ensuring quality of all permitted related information, and oversight of Program compliance.  Provides expert technical support and training to Environmental Compliance Inspectors (ECIs) regarding the administration of all elements of the Pretreatment, DAP and QCT Programs. Provides inspectors with assistance conducting calculations and reviews completed calculations to ensure accuracy and to meet regulatory and policy requirements.  Regularly reviews regulatory documents and policies to ensure Programs meet or exceed mandated requirements.  Provides direct oversight of inspectors and reviews assigned work related to the Pretreatment, Dental Amalgam and QCT Programs.  Responsible for providing Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) associated with Industrial User Wastewater Discharge Permits, associated documentation activities and organization, condition and archival of permit files.  Tracks and coordinates activities related to the QA/QC of associated data involving Industrial User compliance, monitoring and enforcement activities.  Responsible for ensuring all compliance activities for the Pretreatment and DAP Programs are conducted according to MSD's approved Enforcement Response Plan (ERP).  Assists with updating ERP.  Identifies, monitors and reports all Significant Noncompliance (SNC) for Significant Industrial Users (SIUs).  Develops list of SNC SIUs and ensures list is published annually as required by the federal regulations.  Provides support to Hazardous Materials and Industrial Stormwater Supervisor (HMISS) regarding Unusual Discharge Request (UDR) permits. Conducts activities related to the review and approval or denial of UDR.  Works directly with Assistant Director – Treatment Facilities, Operations Field Supervisor and ECIs regarding Pretreatment and QCT Program sample scheduling, identifying sampling parameters and analytical and flow collection methods, approving sampling protocols, conducting special or investigative sampling, and problem solving as necessary.  Reports resources required for on-going program activities and identifies budget requirements to the Industrial Programs Manager.  Oversees work of staff on a daily basis to ensure internal and external commitments of program and staff are being met.  Collects data and develops reports required to support MSD's Nine Minimum Control #3 Program.  Coordinates tasks and requests pertinent data from Kentucky Division of Water (KYDOW) to develop Local Limits for Regional Water Quality Treatment Centers.  Communicates with KYDOW Pretreatment Coordinator regarding Pretreatment and DAP regulatory requirements and reports.  Prepares IWD staff for Pretreatment Compliance Inspections (PCI) and other Pretreatment associated inspections.  Performs internal audits of programs and prepares responses/resolutions for findings identified during inspections and audits for review.  Maintains training required to respond and provide essential support during emergency incidents and customer service calls.  Oversees QCT Program requirements including establishing sampling intervals, coordinating sampling collection, reviewing analytical data, validating QCT calculations, reporting results to IPM and distributing final report to the Revenue Department.  

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Necessary to the Work:  Knowledge of engineering principles and techniques; knowledge of permit writing; knowledge of EPA, DOW and Corps of Engineers regulatory policies; knowledge of technical issues associated with wastewater treatment and hazardous materials; knowledge of sampling and analysis methods; skill in project management; skill in performing mathematical calculations; skill in oral and written communication; skill in clearly articulating technical information; skill in maintaining multiple database systems; skill in operating a PC and associated Windows environment software (e.g. Microsoft Office Suite); ability to supervise a diverse workforce; ability to train others; ability to handle multiple priorities; ability to establish goals and priorities; ability to analyze problems and initiate solutions; ability to work or respond to emergency response incidents;  ability to work effectively under heavy, unpredictable surges in workload; ability to work 24 hour emergency response, various shifts and weekends.  

Minimum Requirements: Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Science or a related field; five or more years of related experience; an equivalent combination of education and experience may be substituted.  Must possess a valid driver's license.  Must have safe work and driving habits.

$73,153.60 -
$114,358.40 Annually

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