CRM System

Track Contacts through the Customer Relations Manager

Getting prospects to join, getting members to participate, and getting participating members to serve as officers can be a lot of detail-oriented hard work. Our built-in CRM can significantly improve your efficiency with this.

Contact Tracking - You can track individual contacts with a member or prospect. This could include phone calls, emails, messages, mailings, walk-ins, personal meetings, or any other contacts you make.

Auto Recording Contacts - Emails, renewal notifications, newsletters, drip-marketing messages, and more can be set up to automatically be recorded as a contact, so that you can have an at-a-glance look at the interaction you've made with a given member or prospect.

AutoCRM/Contacts - When  an Admin uses their own email provider to send day-to-day emails and bcc's, the system will automatically record the date and subject of the email in the member's or prospect's Contact tab in their profile. This easily allows them to view the full content of the email sent in their email provider, thereby avoiding cluttering the Contacts tab with all of the content.

Mass Contacts - You can add members by Member Type or Category (if they are enabled). It will preview those records that will be added a mass contact, remove individual members from the list if you want to make any exceptions, and then click a continue button to move on to the page where you specify the details of the contact (i.e. meeting with several members).

Temperature Sensing - have a quick sense of where you stand with your members and prospects in terms of temperature (hot/warm/cold).

Reminders/Ticklers - This system also includes an email reminder feature. You can set an alert to remind yourself or another admin to contact a member or prospect in the future. This is very handy to follow up with with members regarding events and activities or prospects regarding membership.

If you want to engage your current members or recruit new members, this is a great tool to save time and manage your contact with members.