Being able to report on your member data and member billing data is essential for an association's day-to-day work.  Reporting is needed to get a sense for membership trends and produce reports on your financial condition as well as export data for mailings and other uses.

Quick Reports

The system comes with a variety of pre-built member database reports that are easy to run.  This includes rosters, calling lists, PDF directories, member count trending, membership retention reports, member engagement reports, and several other reports that are frequently used.

Billing Reports

Many of the reports necessary for handling member billing and event registration billing are pre-built, and ready-to-go reports, including aging reports, member status, paid-thru report, mass invoice printing, mailing label printing, new member report, dropped member report, and many more.

Custom Report

For reporting needs not met by the pre-built, canned reports, try our custom reporting module. To create a Custom Report you will build a query based on your customized criteria: membership plan, projects/committees, mailing lists, contact information fields, join/drop dates, and any custom fields that have been configured for your association. A sort order can then be applied to determine how the data is sorted in the report.

After the query has been built to select the records for the report and a sort order selected, one of many different output types may be selected, including mailing labels, postcards, PDF-formatted reports, custom field-by-field reports (where the user can pick and choose the fields), data export (.csv files), and several other formats.