MemberLeap contains a donations feature, that allows an association to conduct various fundraising activities.

Online Donations - allows for online fundraising, where donors can make online payments or pledges.

Goal Tracking Thermometer Graphic - post a thermometer graphic on you website to illustrate progress towards a fundraising goal.

Sponsorship Packages - set up pre-arranged amounts (allow donors to select gold/silver/platinum packages etc)

Individual Funds - create separate fundraising funds, to allow donors to target donations to a particular cause or purpose

Memorial/Bequest - allow donors to make donations in honor of individuals they specify

Donor Tracking - connect donations to individual members/contacts within your database

Wish List - a unique feature where if your organization is looking for particular materials (desks, office supplies, t-shirts), this can be posted using the wish list, allowing donors to donate product as well as money.

Custom Confirmation/Thank you - customize the verbiage in the thank-you email that is sent to a donor after they have make their donations