File Archive

Allows Convenient Document Management

Keeping track of your documents and presenting them in a easy-to-access manner is a frequent request for associations. Our File Archive feature makes it easy to upload, categorize, and caption documents.

  • Private or Public - You can present lists of documents on the public side of a website; provide your members only with a search feature and file folder functionality; or limit access to members of a particular membership plan or committee.
  • Search - allow for sophisticated searches through document title, description, or the content of the document itself.
  • Document Lists - lists can be simple, or complex; sorted by title or date; and organized by category if you choose.
  • Metadata and Additional Fields - while keeping track of your documents, you can also tag each document with author, date, and other additional pieces of information.
  • Mass Upload - upload large numbers of files at the same time with ease.
  • Mass Download - download groups of files as a ZIP archive.