Legislative Action Center

The legislative action center is a tool that allows your organization to prompt members and other contacts, to send a message (email) to elected officials regarding a particular advocacy issue. 

The heart of the action center is the creation of 'action items'. Each action item may correspond to a particular issue or a bill/proposal in process. When you as an admin create an action item, you specify which legislators need to be contacted (or if all of them need to be contacted), a suggested message to be sent, and begin and end dates for the campaign. After the action item is set up, you are presented with a URL that you may post on your website or send out in an email to your contacts, in order to prompt them to take action.
As people follow the link and respond, the system will track who has contacted which legislator.

NOTE: With the legislative action center; you will need to edit/maintain a list of legislators/elected officials. This is done from within Member Database Admin, house members and senate members are two special record types that will allow you to manage legislators. We can upload, and maintain this for you, but some charges for this may apply.