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AECT Accessibility Committee


AECT is fully committed to offering members an accessible conference, event, and meeting experience. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please reach out to the Accessibility Committee by emailing us at accessibility@aect.org. During any AECT event, you can speak with the volunteer staff who can direct you to a committee member or venue personal as needed. 

Our charge from the AECT President is as follows:

  1. To study and recommend to the AECT President, new accessibility, diversity, and inclusion strategies designed to meet the changing needs of the Association, the members, and the field. (SP, Objective 3a)

  2. Assist in the coordination of inclusive digital access and alignment of AECT activities and services with best practices for diversity, inclusion, and accessibility. (SP, Objective 1c, 2b)

  3. Design and develop resources to improve equity of access to web, mobile, and in-person AECT information, services, conventions, and activities. (SP, Objective 1c, 2b, 3a)

2019 Accessibility Committee Members

  • Amy Lomellini, Chair

  • Linda Campion, Executive Board Member

  • Abbas Johari, Ethics Committee Chair

  • Rebecca Reese, DDL President-Elect

  • Chris Smith

  • David Gardner

  • Ismahan Arslan-Ari

  • Robert Doyle

Note: This webpage will continue to be updated with relevant information as any event approaches. Feel free to reach out to us at accessibility@aect.org with any requests or suggestions.


Conference Registration 

When registering for the conference, please note any accessibility-related details directly on your registration form. 

If you would like to discuss any accommodation needs regarding the conference, please email your requests to the Accessibility Committee at accessibility@aect.org. *Note: This email will be checked throughout the conference dates as well in order for us to assist you.

If you are a presenter and would like to request an accommodation, please email us at accessibilty@aect.org before your session.

2019 Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino Information

Location: 3000 S. Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV 89109
Website: Visit Westgate Las Vegas’ Website
General Phone: 702-732-5111
Contacts: For hotel related accessibility issues, please see security staff with blue jackets. You can call 702-732-5840 to get assistance to anywhere in the hotel.
For conference related accessibility issues, please email the Accessibility Committee at accessibility@aect.org. You can also speak with an AECT volunteer who will be able to connect you with a committee member or hotel personal as needed. 
Westgate Resorts Accessibility Statement

Information to Design Accessible Presentations

All AECT conferences and events strive to be inclusive so that all participants have access to all presentations. To make your presentation accessible to a diverse audience, please consider the following checklist, which includes the basics of creating accessible and inclusive presentations.

Designing a Presentation

  • Use a sans serif font (e.g., Arial, Calibri, Verdana)
  • Use font size not smaller than 22 point
  • Do not use too many font types on a single slide
  • Do not use all caps
  • Use high color contrast between text, graphic, and background colors ( You can use webaim.org Color Contrast Checker)
  • Include captions for videos.
  • Provide a transcript for audio files.
  • Number each slide.
  • Have copies of your handouts available in regular print and large print.
  • Avoid flashing graphics or gifs. 
  • Provide “alternative text” descriptions for all images, pictures, graphics, tables, etc.

During the presentation

  • Use person-first language (i.e. students with disabilities)
  • Use plain and short sentences.
  • Look at the audience while presenting.
  • If there is any attendee who comes with a sign language interpreter, communicate with them to identify the optimal space for the interpreter.

For more information, please visit the following resources:

Hotel Registration

Please indicate any accessibility or additional requests when booking your hotel room. In the registration portal available through AECT,follow the prompts to select dates and a room. After filling in your personal information, there is a section titled “Other Information.” Check the box that says “Accessible” and provide details as to your specific needs in the “Additional Requests” text entry box. 

  • It is recommended that you follow up with a call to the hotel to confirm the room will meet your needs.
  • Try to speak with the front desk manager and/or confirm in writing when possible.
  • 48 hours prior to your arrival, please call the hotel to confirm your room meets your needs.

During the Conference

For conference related accessibility issues, please email the Accessibility Committee at accessibility@aect.org. You can also speak with an AECT volunteer who will be able to connect you with a committee member or hotel personal as needed. 

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