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The IAPRI Membership has elected two to the Board of Directors
The new institutional directors are: Peter Borocz, Ph.D. from Széchenyi István University in Hungary and Cristina Guzman, Ph.D. from the University of Monterrey in Mexico.

Retiring from the board:

Frank Welle
Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging (IVV)

IAPRI thanks Frank Welle for severing for the past three years. Due to new work requirements, Frank chose not to seek a second term on the Board.

New Institutional Board Members:  2021-2024

Dr. Peter Borocz PH.D
Széchenyi István University
Department of Logistics and Forwarding, Packaging Laboratory
Associate professor, Head of Packaging Laboratory
Gyor, Hungary

Research fields include: 
  • Time-compressed methods for vibration tests to simulate physical circumstances of transportation
  • Vibration dynamics of stacked loads and its laboratory simulations
  • Microbilogical changes of consumer foods during supply chain processes

Dr. Cristina Fernanda Guzman Siller, PH.D
Universidad de Monterrey
Monterrey, Mexico

IAPRI member for 14 years, has participated 13 times in conferences 9 with oral presentations. Involved on working groups of sustainable packaging, packaging, and consumers, active and intelligent packaging. The organizer of the 22nd IAPRI World Congress 2020 -Online

Published: 07/03/21