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CETEA, Brazil, works on intelligent medical packaging
Underlining the critical role that packaging can play in specialized medical applications, a team from Brazil’s CETEA Packaging Technology Center is working on a three-year project to create intelligent and autonomous packaging for human organs awaiting transplant.

Project leader Ana Paula Noletto points out some of the challenges. “Organ transplantation involves several steps and different health professionals, and failure in this operation can mean the waste of an organ in good condition, possibly resulting in the death of an individual,” she says. “In Brazil, organs and tissues are generally transported in conventional coolers filled with ice. There is no guarantee of mechanical protection, temperature control, traceability or even an adequate place to position documents relating to the donation.”
As part of the project aiming to improve this situation, CETEA will work on the development of protocols and the application of physical-mechanical tests to evaluate the performance of the packaging. “It is a great honor and responsibility for us to participate in the project to make this innovative solution viable, which in the end will be able to promote new technological solutions for the logistics of the cold chain,” says Noletto.
Financed by the Brazilian Innovation Agency (FINEP), the project is being run in partnership with the Paulista School of Nursing and Medicine (part of the Federal University of São Paulo - Unifesp) and the Mauá Institute of Technology. Leading the project is the company São Rafael Câmaras Frigoríficas.


Published: 08/30/21