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IAPRI to be Represented on a Horizon Europe Advisory Board
The IAPRI Board of Directors has accepted an invitation to have a board representative on the Advisory Board of the Horizon Europe project proposal SUSBOARD (Sustainable and innovative material solutions for packaging and construction), should it be accepted.

It is being coordinated by LUKE Institute. ITENE, an IAPRI member would participate as WP leader and Tampere University, another IAPRI member is on the Advisory Board. It is described to topic HORIZON-CL4-2021-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-05 (RIA).

SUSBOARD is devoted to the development of unique packaging materials based on mixing fibers from side streams (agricultural and food production) with pulp fibers.

The role of the Advisory Board is to provide the consortium with specific advice and strategic orientations, regarding the weakness or strengthen of the results obtained along it, pointing out the interest of the market and society, idea mining related to new products and discuss regulation, standards, and business models. The requestor stated that IAPRI's participation would be an honor for them, as well as a very good strengthening point for their proposal.
Dr. S. Paul Singh will serve on the Advisory Board, which would commence upon acceptance.  Singh attend Consortium meetings to hear about results, to discuss about business models, idea mining etc. The board is an important part of dissemination but also of the impact of the research, but the central idea and objectives of the project have already been defined by the consortium. Some funding has reserved to invite Advisory Board members to the consortium meetings for idea mining and discussing business models. They plan to have only two face to face meetings for the whole consortium and otherwise video conferences.
Horizon – CLE-2021 – Twin – Transition-01-05 (RIA)
Working Title: Sustainable and innovative material solutions for packaging and construction – SusBoard
Coordinating Organization: Luke Natural Resources Institute Finland
Projects are expected to contribute to the following outcomes:
  1. Demonstrate relevant scale production of innovative bio-based products to substitute traditional materials with high environmental footprint;
  2. Develop products with similar or better mechanical, physical and chemical properties, while having a substantially lower environmental footprint and being sustainable, non-toxic and recyclable when compared to non-bio-based materials;
  3. Demonstrate disruptive innovation of bio-based materials production in at least three different manufacturing value chains;
  4. Develop sustainable business models for materials sourcing and recycling


Published: 09/23/21