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RISE, Sweden, in project to expand applications for dry molded fiber
In a project supported by the Swedish Innovation Agency, the RISE research center is working with manufacturers PulPac and AR Packaging to develop and validate 10 product concepts, both packs and other single-use items, created using PulPac’s patented Dry Molded Fiber forming technology.

Having ready-to-use and validated designs will, the consortium hopes, enable the rapid upscaling and dissemination of this technology, which is available for use under license. RISE will take the role of validating each item’s recyclability, biodegradability and compostability. It will also carry out lifecycle analysis and try to establish consumer preferences in each area.
“RISE is proud to partner with PulPac and AR Packaging in co-developing these products for the global market introduction of Dry Molded Fiber,” Helena Halonen, project manager at RISE, said in a statement. “We are confident that sustainable cellulose-based materials are the key to replacing fossil-based plastics, and the dry forming process is definitely an enabler with large and interesting capacity.”
According to PulPac, its dry forming technology is up to 10 times more efficient than the traditional molded fiber process, which typically uses large amounts of water. Earlier this summer, it set up one of its scalable, modular PU300 machines at its Tech Center in Gothenburg, Sweden, to demonstrate the technology.
AR Packaging describes Dry Molded Fiber as having “a unique blend of sustainability, global scalability and cost efficiency”.

Published: 09/29/21