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ISTA Now Seeking Bids on LTL Hazard Data Collection Research Project 0007
ISTA's Advocate Research and Value Delivery Program includes conducting research and collecting data that improves testing and design methodologies for the evolving domestic and global supply chains. The objective of this research project is to measure, the hazards encountered by LTL (less than truckload) freight in their standard handling, transport and delivery environment not adequately covered, or supported by field data, in the existing ISTA 3B standard.

This research will be conducted in three Phases and this RFP is only for Phase 1:

Phase 1 - Build a partially instrumented (2 contiguous sides plus top) pallet that will record each of the identified hazard inputs during Phase 2 as shown in Appendix I. Validate the measurement device capabilities in a laboratory environment.
Scope of work sought in this RFP states requirements for the project, including the services and the tangible work products to be delivered, and the tasks the Advocate Council has identified as necessary to meet those requirements. Proposals should be tailored specifically to only Phase 1.
  • Conduct a literature search to discover if prior art regarding data collection and methodology for the hazards within the scope of this research exists in this space.
  • Design and validate a fixture, a proof of concept, which would answer the question Can we measure the things we know are happening? Make updates as necessary until reviewed and approved by the ARVD Team.
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Appendix I – Possible Pallet Construction Idea
Appendix II – Phase 2, Staged Events Examples *
ISTA Advocate Research Report FormISTA Data Collection Standards
ISTA Sample ARDV Consultant Contract

* If you are interested in being considered for Phase 2 of this project as described in the RFP, Use the partially instrumented pallet to measure staged hazards (as shown in Appendix II) during 5 shipment legs in a controlled LTL staging, loading and in-transit trailer environment, you should declare intent at this time and provide a cost estimate for personnel and project management portions assuming the vehicle, required lading and instrumented pallet would be handled by ISTA.

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Published: 10/21/21