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ITENE hosts final project briefing on packaging for fishing sector
At the end of October, Spain’s ITENE welcomed the various stakeholders involved in the ENVAPES project, headed by the country’s fishing industry association FEDERPESCA, investigating the options for – and regulations governing – packaging for fish and seafood.

The project produced two publications. The first of these was: A study of packaging in the fishing industry supply chain: analysis of materials, use, composition and management. The second was: A guide to packaging put on the market by the small-business sector of the fishing industry: legislation, management of packaging, and new packaging.
Carlos Monerris, ITENE’s director for technology transfer and markets, opened proceedings, with César Aliaga, who is responsible for packaging and the circular economy at ITENE, later explaining the implications for the sector of Spain’s new packaging and waste regulation.
The aim of the project, says ITENE, was the creation of a network linking the various businesses operating in the fish and seafood sector, the scientific community and the packaging sector, with the objective of studying the packaging currently used by small businesses in the industry and proposing new, viable alternatives to reduce the impact of packaging waste.
As well as ITENE, fellow IAPRI member PACKNET was involved in the project.

Published: 10/29/21