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IAPRI Looking for Volunteers and a Chair to create a Media Strategy

IAPRI has relatively little social media presence currently, with a Twitter account and a LinkedIn account which are really mostly ineffective and rarely used.

The Board of Directors has been talking about the importance of IAPRI supporting and maintaining the networking among the researchers and educators who are our members. Social media is of critical importance, especially for the younger and upcoming generation of members.
Therefore, we are looking for a chair and committee members from among the researchers and educators across our member institutions to form a committee in order to develop a media strategy. Initially, the committee itself would be the source of content. Hopefully, other members would add content as the program becomes a part of everyday IAPRI activities. Eventually we would most likely hire someone to lead the program.
If you are interested in participating in this activity, please let us know at: 

Also, if you know of other members of IAPRI who should be part of the committee, please pass on those names.


Published: 11/08/21