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Time for Everyone involved in IAPRI to Update Your Member Profile
Whether your are the delegate member, additional contact or packaging researcher in the IAPRI community, we ask that you take a few minutes to make sure your institutes and/or your personal contact information is current. This is specially true for any researcher that wants to be listed in the Packaging Research Community Directory.

If you are the delegate representative you change review and update by logging into the IAPRI website member area. On the Member Menu page Member Information> Change Contact/Profile Info.

If you are a researcher
 working at an IAPRI member institute or company and you are not currently listed in IAPRI Packaging Researcher Community Directory, you can add your contact information in the directory by adding your research areas to your member profile.
You can list up to five (5) area research areas from the list below:
  • Active and intelligent packaging
  • Consumer research and marketing
  • Distribution dynamics (e.g. Vibrations and shocks)
  • Easy opening
  • Ergonomics and human factors
  • Packaging design and innovations
  • Flexible materials
  • Food packaging
  • Package testing and analysis
  • Packaging education
  • Packaging legislation, regulation, and standards
  • Packaging logistics and supply chain
  • Packaging machinery and systems
  • Packaging materials
  • Packaging of dangerous goods
  • Printing
  • Sustainability, recycling, and renewable materials
You do this by logging into the IAPRI website member area. On the Member Menu page Member Information> Change Contact/Profile Info then select up to five (5) contact's research areas.

Make sure that your contact information on your profile is up to date and complete so people can search on your location as well as your name, company, or area of research.  Again on the Member Menu page:

You may also upload your CV/Resume as well as other information you want to make available about you and your research via the Member Menu: Other Info > Upload/Change My Documents then selection CV/Resume or Additional Information.
Researcher CV/Resume: A PDF version of your CV or Resume will show up for viewing on on your IAPRI Packaging Researcher Community Directory listing.

Additional Information: You have the option to upload PDF files that offer a description of your research expertise, experiences, and marketing materials. This will be available information on your listing.

Published: 12/17/21