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TU-Delft conducts consumer research on reuse systems
Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), the Netherlands, has been carrying out direct, qualitative consumer research to gauge attitudes to – and interaction with – instore dispensing systems and reusable packaging.

The research, based on individual interviews with 27 consumers, was a collaboration with provider and operator of dispensing and reusable packaging systems MIWA. The system includes B2B reusable packaging (or capsules) installed on the MIWA dispensers, and B2C reusable packaging (cups) into which consumers dispense their products.
The aim of the study was to investigate consumer behavior towards reusable systems in general, says Lise Magnier of the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, and more specifically to “identify barriers and enablers for consumers to choose a reusable packaging system as an alternative”.
Consumers were asked for positive and negative perceptions, opinions on usability and environmental benefits, and an evaluation in comparison with other reuse systems. Interviews were conducted by PhD student Xueqing Miao during November and early December. These were followed up by phone calls to gauge how the refillable containers were used in the home.
Each refill ‘capsule’ can be reused up to 100 times, says MIWA, before being recycled. With the cups, for which a deposit is paid, consumers have the option of returning them or reusing them with their next shop, and their lifespan is dozens of uses.

“We still plan to conduct some experimental research with the dispenser, so it will stay with us until March or so,” says Magnier.
Research of this kind, says TU Delft, enables system providers to factor in consumer expectations and concerns, and so improve designs to encourage the adoption of reuse alternatives.                

Published: 12/24/21