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Cal Poly Packaging announces the creation of a Research Consortium for Distribution Packaging

The Cal Poly Packaging program has had a research consortium since 2008. In recent years it has had a focus on fresh produce packaging. For many reasons Cal Poly is changing over in 2022 to more traditional distribution dynamics and logistics projects.

A traditional distribution dynamics and logistics projects focus is really Dr. Jay Singh’s and Dr. Koushik Saha’s real background and interest. 

The consortium has 21 initial members commitment to distribution packaging related research. They represent global leaders in consensus standards, testing equipment manufacture, testing labs, cloud-based solutions providers, packaging solution providers/suppliers, and global brands representing various product sectors such as electronics, healthcare, food & beverage, cleaning & homecare, & wellness.

The concept is that together the members can achieve more and assist each other in understanding and resolving the issues faced in the distribution of packaged goods in the ever-evolving global supply chains. The faculty and staff at Cal Poly is committed to assist them with design, testing and validation towards achieving their goals of improved distribution packaging and associated logistical processes. The members’ commitments to the field of distribution packaging are already generating tremendous value to the practitioners. With the process and expertise made available towards it, the Consortium will operate more efficiently and rapidly compared to any other such avenue.
Distribution packaging and related logistical activities is the central focus. Aside from a majority of the funding used towards addressing issues commonly faced by a majority of the members, a third of the membership dues are reserved for their proprietary use towards research or testing. They may also cooperate with any other Consortium members regarding pooling in these funds towards projects of a larger scope.
Cal Poly hosted a virtual meeting in the end of February to ideate and discuss the potential research agenda for 2022.  Voting will take place to confirm the projects for 2022 by the end of March.  A mid-year meeting will be held sometime in July with updates on the projects. Then a final meeting will be held in December presenting the results and to ideate projects for the upcoming year 2023.

Published: 03/09/22