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2022 Annual Membership Meeting Notice
As required in the IAPRI By-Laws, notice is hereby given of the upcoming Annual Meeting of the Members.

Date: June 15, 2022
Time: 13:00-14:00
Location: 2022 IAPRI World Conference in Bangkok, Thailand

The IAPRI Board of Directors General is inviting IAPRI Member Delegates and Additional Contacts to attend the session.  The Meeting Room is yet to be determined and will be announced.
Because of the continued impact of Covid related to travel for some members, the Board of Directors have decided to hold it as a Zoom Meeting for viewing live or later on demand. 

•    Organizational Update
•    Board Member Changes
•    Financial Reports:  2021 Actual & Year-to-Date 2022
•    Membership Status
•    Events 2023 & 2024
•    IAPRI Communities of Practice
•    Member Feedback Opportunity

If you are intending in person that will be great. If you want to participate online or view at a different time you will have to send the Secretary General ( your name and email address requesting access so that the Thai Packaging Centre can generate a user account for attending live online or later with on-demand viewing.

Published: 04/25/22