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PACKNET conference explores technology and sustainability

Spain’s PACKNET packaging platform organized a day of conference round-table sessions in Madrid in early April on the theme of packaging, technology and the environment, hosting over 50 professionals from across the value chain.

Taking part in the day, billed as ‘Technological innovation in packaging for the realization of new environmental objectives’, were 17 sector organizations associated with the platform.
Of the three round-table discussions, the first took packaging materials as its focus. Here, there was participation from the beverage can, sustainable paper and plastics sectors.
The second round-table session was concerned with sustainability as a new axis for innovation.
The final discussion grappled with questions about circularity, end-of-life management of packaging and new systems of recycling, and was chaired by PACKNET director Belén Garcia.
Other organizations involved in the day included the Spanish Association of Supermarket Chains (ACES), Plastics Europe, Sealed Air, PEFC and IAPRI member ITENE.

Published: 04/28/22