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IAPRI Discussion Boards

IAPRI, a global packaging innovation network, a place where you can collaborate, innovate, and advance. We have created “Discussion Boards” to facilitate this concept and they are available to members.

Within the member area of the IAPRI website there are several Discussion Board available to members and participants in Communities of Practice, Working Groups, committees, and the Board of Directors. You will be granted access once you are included as a member of any of these entities. 

We have a brand-new board, which is the IAPRI Member Research and Education Forum.  This is available to all members, delegates, additional contacts, and researchers.  It is met to offer a place where member representatives, additional contacts, and researchers can ask questions, pose thoughts, share experiences, seek feedback, or bring up topics of mutual interest that they wish to be discussed. Once you login through the Member Login, you go to Communications>Discussion Boards. There you will see all the boards that you are able to create or start a discussion topic.  You can Op In to receive an email when topics are posted.

If you are part of one of IAPRI’s Communities of Practice (Packaging Distribution, Sustainable Packaging, Packaging and Consumers, Active & Intelligent Packaging, and University Education) you have or will have access to a more focused Discussion Board with other members of your community.


Published: 05/24/22