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New Look and Features to the Member Menu of the IAPRI Website

We have been working to implement some new features and changes to our IAPRI website to improve your experience when you log into the member area of the website.

The changes to the software platform enables us to show a slightly different look for each type of individual associated with IAPRI. If you have access to the member area of the website, you are either a delegate representative, research expert or additional contact at a member institute or company. 
The system personalizes the information shown when you log in depending on your involvement with IAPRI. For example, if you look at your Member Menu and select Engagement/Board/Communities of Practice/Groups you will see the ones you are associated with and not the others.  Discussion Boards will show you all the boards for any Communities of Practice you are involved with.
Delegate representatives can include a short introduction for the member directory to introduce you institute/company to other members and the general public who search the Membership Directory. Additional contacts and researchers can include a short introduction of themselves that is available in the Researcher Directory or the member directory. You can populate this information yourself by logging in and under My membership info go to change contact/profile info. You can also include your institute/company logo and your personal picture by uploading them.
You are encouraged to review the changes in the Member Menu, review or upload your profile information, upload your logo and personal pictures.
If you need some assistance, please email

Published: 07/26/22