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Volunteers Needed to serve on the University Education Advisory/Planning Board

The IAPRI University Education Community of Practice (UECoP) is seeking five people to serve on the Advisory/Planning (A&P) Board as the inaugural members. People will serve a staggered term to permit turn over according to the operating policies for the community.

The University Education CoP is just starting under the leadership of Dr. Bruce Harte, The CoP is a membership driven organization of academics created within the IAPRI framework. Full membership is limited to academic (faculty) practitioners within IAPRI, though graduate students, and corporate and governmental members may participate in a limited fashion. Topics that may be discussed can include whatever the Chair and UECoP Advisory Board deems relevant to its Mission. Knowledge sharing will occur thru a variety of techniques, via regularly scheduled activities and events and an online library of reference materials.

Mission Statement
To bring together Packaging Academics from around the World to improve knowledge sharing amongst IAPRI members by fostering positive communications that enhance Packaging Education and Research within their respective institutions, leading to an improved quality of life for their respective clientele.

The Education UECoP is a:
  • Community that will evolve to address commonly shared interests and problems.
  • Place for educators to come together in real time to collaborate, ask questions, share resources, and remain up to date in current best practices.
  • Forum in which educators can address issues important to them, learn from the group, and ultimately become better at what they do.
  • Networking opportunity where educators can interact with others from around the world.
  • Source for peer review of scientific research for publication by IAPRI.
The A&P board will consist of 7 members. The CoP chair and five members elected from the UECoP membership, plus one member selected by the chair. They serve 2- or 3-year rotating terms and no one institution should have more than one board member at any one time. The chairperson and UECoP board will have shared responsibility in planning and scheduling activities, liaising with the IAPRI board, and maintaining and expending the online library.

Participation on the A& P Board will be limited to Full Members of the CoP, which requires people to be tenured or non-tenured faculty within the IAPRI Academic Institutions. We are seeking to find diverse representation on the A&P which matches the diversity of the academic institutions within IAPRI and the roles and responsibilities of individuals within the various departments.
More information about the University Education Community of Practice is available on the IAPRI website at
If you are interested in being a candidate potentially serving on the A&P, please send you contact information and CV to the IAPRI Secretary General at

Published: 08/23/22