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A personal note about Dennis Young from Ed Church

Dennis Young is retiring as an MSU School of Packaging Instructor as of September1st. Countless numbers of people have been influenced by Dennis in so many ways over his 54-year career in packaging.

Dennis is very well known by many IAPRI members. He is a very close friend of mine, going back, all the way to our university days at MSU.  I, like so many other packaging professionals, owe him a great deal of gratitude for all the support he has provided me in my career. Dennis is one of the most knowledgeable packaging people I have ever known. He has a great ability to pass on what he knows to you in an easy-to-understand manner. He has spent the last 15 years at MSU, but prior to that he taught, mentored, and influenced many other packaging professionals in distribution testing and dynamics in many other ways including his involvement with many other IAPRI member institutes. For several summers, Rochester Institute of Technology had the benefit of his teaching skills during one time period.

We worked together at Lansmont. Dennis was a key player in the early days of Lansmont back in the early 70’s, leading the activities of the first Lansmont Test Lab in Lansing, Michigan.  He worked with many corporations showing them how new testing technology and advancements in test equipment could lead to better packaging and reduced damage in shipment.

An absolutely outstanding speaker, he has given presentations all around the world promoting knowledge transfer of new technologies. Dennis and I took over as staff of ISTA in 1995. He was the technology leader that turned around ISTA from the break of failure as a standards writing body. After leaving ISTA, he owned his own testing lab and consulting business, then finally, joining MSU in 2007 where he was always a student favorite.

If you know Dennis or have been influenced by him in some way, I encourage you to send him your congratulations on his well-earned retirement.

Email: or his address is 1621 Preston Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504


Published: 08/29/22