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IAPRI Offers New Process for Members to Seek Research Collaborating Partner/s

IAPRI, to help facilitate our research community in their effort to announce that they are in search of a collaborating partner/s on an new research project under development has created a submission form that announces this to the membership.

We have added a new page to the IAPRI website that provides a notice of an upcoming research project that your institute is looking for possible collaboration from one or more other IAPRI institutes or individuals. The information on the research project is published on the IAPRI Recent Publications by IAPRI members webpage.

It provides an anticipated title of the research project, a brief description of the project with start and completion dates, most importantly a description of the areas of collaboration sought and contact information for those interested.
This all can be found under the Research tab on the home page at Research Projects in Planning Stages Seeking Collaboration. You are encouraged to submit a form whenever you planning a research so we can help spread the word. Here is a link to the form.  Notices are maintained for about four month.


Published: 11/08/22