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"Playing to our strengths" Roland ten Klooster, IAPRI President

IAPRI has shown in the past that it can be much more than the sum of its parts. But for it to return to that full strength, and provide the most benefits to all, we ask each of you to step up – join us in Mumbai, and bring along the great stories that you doubtless have to tell.

Whatever precise shape the post-Covid ‘new normal’ turns out to have, it is already clear that international travel is returning to its rightful position in our lives, as those in research – as well as business – remember just why they traveled in the first place.
Like other organization, IAPRI has benefited from the availability of online video-conferencing tools, allowing the interchange of ideas to continue through periods of even the tightest lockdown. But however successful IAPRI’s virtual and hybrid Conferences have been, few would claim that they offer the same experience as the ‘real thing’.

Indeed, in many ways, it is what happens either side of each technical presentation which proves to be of the most enduring importance: debate and conversation on the sidelines, in the corridor or over lunch; new acquaintances made, and surprising amounts of common ground established.
The 2023 Member Conference in Mumbai, India, offers us a fantastic opportunity to revive those same direct, personal contacts which brought IAPRI’s original members together, over 50 years ago.
We know that members are hitting the same high levels of exciting research, so please, do not keep all that excitement to yourselves! Now is the moment to draft – and submit - your abstracts and ready your team for the May Conference. Time is tight – so we ask you not to delay.

Published: 12/23/22