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Belgium’s IBE-BVI invests in equipment and additional lab

The Belgian Packaging Institute (IBE-BVI) has invested in a new Lansmont vibration table and an additional climate test chamber as part of an expansion program which saw a third test hall become operational in September 2022.

The Institute says it installed the Lansmont table in response to growing demand for transport simulation tests. The electro-hydraulic device has a range of 1-300Hz, a usable surface of 140 x 140cm and a load capacity of around 1.3 tonnes. This, it says, means it can accommodate up to 95% of all transport pallets and other bulk packaging for transit.
As well as simulating random vertical vibrations for road, air and rail transport, it can be used to perform resonance research, bounce tests and sine sweeps, IBE-BVI reports.
Just as important is the fact that the system can be used to assess intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) and other packaging intended for the transport of dangerous goods. The Institute quotes, for instance, the ADR-RID and IMDG codes regarding testing on IBCs for hazardous liquids and, for the US, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 49, which stipulates specific vibration testing for all dangerous goods packaging.
Meanwhile, the new climate test capacity brings to six the number of these walk-in chambers. The new environment can not only accommodate up to four pallet loads at a time, says IBE-BVI, but can also  be set up to recreate climate profiles tailored for individual customers. This new addition is said to offer the widest range of combined temperature and humidity conditions, it adds. Rental periods can run from just a few days to several months.

Published: 12/27/22