News Manager/Blog

Maintaining a news feature or a blog is very useful on your website.  The items features can be news items from 3rd party sources, news articles published by/for your association, newsletters, or major announcements.  Since it's not limited to events like a calendar, you can post a variety of things.  Keeping content on your website fresh makes your website look timely and also is very useful for search engine optimization purposes.

Publish News Items

You can keep members updated with the latest news from your organization by publishing it on your website using the news manager

  • Flexibility of Content - Items can be a simple title and blurb, or they can link to a document you uploaded, link to a third party website, or link to HTML/text content that you enter.
  • Publish/Expiration Dates - Each item can have publish dates and expiration dates, so they will only appear on your website on a given date and be automatically removed on a given date.
  • Thumbnail Image - to draw attention, each article can be assigned it's own thumbnail image
  • Scrolling News - there are several news scroller widgets that can be used to post a vertically scrolling list of news articles.
  • News Categories - each article can be placed in one or more categories that you designate, such that you can maintain multiple news features (per category)
  • Article Submissions - members or the public can submit news articles that an admin needs to approve to be displayed or deny.
  • RSS feeds - an rss feed is published that you can share for use on your site, or to include your news on other sites.
  • Comments - a comments feature can be turned on to allow members (and possibly others if you choose) to comment on news items.
  • Archive - a searchable archive is available to allow people to search through past postings

Maintain a Blog

If you activate our Blog feature, your members will also have an opportunity to comment on your blog postings.  Blogs are typically more personal, and not as general as news items; but function in much the same way.