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Health Sciences IG
The Health Sciences IG was created to provide programming, educational opportunities, and professional development for librarians, library staff, library students, and those interested in health sciences librarianship. The Health Sciences IG will serve as a place for librarians from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines to discuss health sciences librarianship and advance and support the goals of health sciences librarianship in the state of Michigan.
Primary Contact:
Andrea Kepsel
Contact Email:
Interest Groups/Committees Member Information
Andrea Kepsel
(IG Chair)
Mr. Edward Eckel
(IGCC Liaison)
Mary Beeker
Jennifer Bowen
Lori DeBie
Carin Graves
Margaret Hoogland
Mariela Hristova
Jarrod Irwin
Ms. Iris Kovar-Gough
Chana Kraus-Friedberg
Ms Rocio Lopez
Prof. Liz Lorbeer
Mrs. Amanda Matthysse
Sandra McCarthy
Allia McCoy
Meghan McGowan
Barbara Platts
Ms Michelle Rau
Ms. Julia E. Rodriguez
Misty Sanderson
Jessica Sender
Jill Spreitzer
Michael Strahan
Stephanie Swanberg
Jill Turner
Elizabeth Walker-Papke
Abraham Wheeler